5 Tips to Save Money On Weekly Shopping Trips

In this economy it is necessary to save money any way we can. Most of us spend way too much at the grocery store. If you learn to become a savvy shopper, you can actually save yourself a lot of money. Here are 5 great tips on how to save money on weekly shops.

1. Plan Ahead: This is the most important way to save money. Many of us go to the store without a list and grab things we think we need or want as we go through the aisles. However, many times we grab things we may already have or we just don’t need. So before you go to the store, think about the meals you plan to make that week, check to see what you already have and make a list of the items you need for that week. Then when you go to the store, stick to your list and do not buy anything that is not on the list.

2. Eat Before You Shop: Never go to the grocery store hungry. If you do, you will be tempted to buy things that are not on your list just because they appeal to you now. If you are not hungry you will be more focused on just buying items on your list.

3. Name Brands: Many people only purchase name brand items. Many times the store brand are just as good, or even better than the name brand items. Store brands are actually made for the store by the name brand companies. Buying store brands give you the same quality for a lot less.

4. Calculate Costs: You usually have different choices when purchasing an item. There are different sizes to consider, and the larger size may actually be cheaper in the long run. Check out the unit price that is shown next to the price. If the larger size has a lower price per unit it is the better buy.

5. Coupons and Discounts: Be very careful when using coupons or grabbing items the store has on sale. Most coupons are for name brand items. Coupons also offer discounts on products you may never use. Before you use a coupon check the price carefully. Are you really saving money buying the item with the coupon or is the store brand still cheaper? Store discounts are the same, they will draw you into saving a small amount on name brands, which in the long run costs you more money. Also, before making a purchase, make sure it is something you will use. If you never use it you really didn’t save money with the coupon or discount.


There are many different ways to save money when shopping. If you follow these 5 tips on how to save money on your weekly shop you will soon notice that you are spending less. You should take the money you have saved and put it into a savings account. At the end of the year you will be surprised at how much you were able to save.


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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on WordPress

2913018697_ccbb33e993More than 18.9-percent of the web is powered by WordPress. In fact, some of the biggest and most popular blogs and websites run on WordPress. There are two reasons that make WordPress so popular. Firstly, it is reliable, flexible and extremely powerful software that allows different people to publish and showcase their online presence with ease. Secondly, WordPress is an open source platform whose software is constantly improved by a robust community without the constraints of proprietorship. If you are considering using WordPress to power your blog or website, here are 3 easy ways to save money and improve your returns on investment on WordPress.

Tip 1: Prioritize WordPress. Org over WordPress.com

There are two primary versions of WordPress software: the hosted version called WordPress.com where your site is hosted by WordPress and the self-hosted version called WoprdPress.org where you host your site. Previously, it was very expensive to host your site and the WordPress hosted option was a cheaper route. Nowadays, it is cost-effective to opt for self-hosting. Through the self-hosted WordPress.org version you can use hundreds of plugins, extend the functionality and features of your site, and enjoy more control and flexibility for less. The self-hosted version also allows you to monetize your site, something that is not possible on the WordPress hosted version.

Tip 2: Choose a WordPress-Specific Hosting Provider

The temptation to run to quick-and-easy WordPress set-ups is always overwhelming, but falling to such options will come with uncalled-for headaches. For instance, your site will be poorly supported and will probably go down regularly. The cheap and quick hosts are very expensive in the long run, especially when you consider migrating to a more reliable provider. To save lots of money, you should choose a WordPress-specific hosting provider right from the start, which will provide a hosting that is configured to power WordPress software. Such hosting companies are quite reliable when security threats such as hacking occur, and when traffic to your site surges and you need a commensurate capacity to handle the traffic.

Tip 3: Save Money on Web Hosting and Designing

When you are considering hosting plans for your WordPress site, make sure to explore various ways of saving money. For instance, look for discount coupons that will help you to save some money. Secondly, you should not make the mistake of going for a 1-year-only hosting plan that will compel you to pay a full hosting renewal amount the following year as there are no discount coupons for renewals. Therefore, you should buy a hosting package for 2-3 years and enjoy the massive discounts that come with such packages. Finally, you should cut down the cost of web design by conducting thorough research and choosing designers whose work you admire, but who offer low-cost web design services.

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Save Money on WP Themes Using Coupons: How to Find the Right Coupons

wordpress theme couponsWordPress has cut out an image as the most popular CMS amongst web designers, developers and consultants because it helps save plenty of money, effort and time and allows them to offer a broad array of services on their clients’ websites. In fact, for many DIY and professional web designers, it is never a matter of whether they will purchase WP theme premium extensions but when, which ones and how much money they will spend. Today, the availability coupons for premium themes, integrated statistics, custom design templates, automatic spam protection and many other features have enabled many WordPress users to set up their sites cost effectively.

Benefits of WordPress Coupons

WordPress coupons help businesses to get more features for less. Ordinarily, WordPress accessories can be quite costly, but using coupons can help users to save hundreds on the accessories they need. Besides, WordPress maintains a robust community that boasts of frequently updated exclusive coupon deals. For designers and WP users who look to define their online identity and project out the best image to their target clients, they can easily save money on WP themes using coupons. Through the coupons, they can save an average of $6 per theme. For example I used a themify coupon to save around $15.

Finding Money-Saving WP Theme Coupons

If you have specific themes that you are interested in and you are looking to save money on WP themes using coupons, you should start by doing a Google Search using keywords that contain the targeted theme together with the words “coupon” or “discount” codes. Some of the leading WP theme coupon websites that will feature in the search results include Coupon Gem, RetailMeNot, WPBeginner.com, WPCoupon.net, BradleySpencer.com, WPSave.com, AppSumo.com, MightyDeals.com, WPWebShop.com and WPThemesDaily.com. Browse through the different sites that appear in your search results for mentions of coupons.

If you do not find an immediate coupon, follow the information on the websites to try figuring out the trends and plans for the next (upcoming) coupons. Signing up for their newsletters can allow you to access subscribers-only discounts or to receive subsequent email communications when discount coupons are available. You can also sign up for trial accounts so that you are eligible for discount coupons.

Information on money-saving coupons can also be found on WordPress news, tutorial and review websites. Make sure to visit these sites regularly for information on special bonuses and times of the year (such as Tax Time, Black Friday, End of Year, Start of Year and National Holidays) WP theme coupons. Sometimes, amazing discount coupons can be obtained by calling WP theme shops directly and asking for discounts. Finally, you can save money on WP themes using coupons by buying a bundle of WP accessories from a single shop and getting a coupon as an appreciation for your bulk-buying.

Sites to find WordPress deals:



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Where To Get Electronics Cheaply

Lately, individuals have observed an enormous development in the electronic equipment sector using the constant progress in the technology business. Each day, we stumble upon the increased technology apparatus, gadgets and gizmos and consider a number of them as a requirement for empowering us to perform our everyday jobs economically and immediately.

This widening, growing and enhancing technological improvement has changed the entire tendency of purchasing electronic equipment goods simply for fun. Individuals have selections to pick from, nowadays; but, in case you’re on the hunt for affordable and adequate electronic equipment gadgets, there are so many stores you may be left with confusion. We are going to talk about one specifically, Target, and why we think they are the best.

Target Corporation is a trustworthy retailer devoted to housewares, food, clothes and electronic equipment. Offering a variety of technological goods, it’s won clientele’s trust throughout the nation.

Target scours the newest gadgets along with quality electronic equipment from famous makers and offers amazing discounts on them, therefore becoming a one stop option at which you are able to make purchases of your wanted family things along with electronic equipment goods. To be able to bring great reductions – besides enlarging the clientele size, hungry shoppers, the store that is online is giving away discount coupons.

The awesome discounts additionally bring down the costs of the listed items and customers will end up purchasing other things of interest as the costs are lower than they anticipate. They have large stock for nearly all products, that range from mobile phones to cameras, notebooks to household appliances to office machines and game titles. Nowadays, the net is loaded with a high number of reduction/comparison sites.

All you have to do is search to get a coupon code that is legal and get it from a site that is legitimate. If you’ve chose to purchase  an LCD telly or the newest handset that you saved for, don’t be as concerned about the cost as the savings can really add up. Thus, be prepared to save huge on quality electronics. Many folks are saving using Target along with coupon codes and discounts; ensure you check these out as well!

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Save Money On Cosmetics With Neutrogena Coupons

If you regualry purchase cosmetic products then you may find this article helpful. Recently I have found their are a number of great discounts that can be used for the popular cosmetic company, Neutrogena.

Makeup may be extremely pricey for many individuals and wanting to conserve cash is a must. Neutrogena’s product line contains skincare, face, lips and eye products. Their products are the only 100% scent-free goods to the marketplace.

If you’re fortunate enough to locate a printable coupon all you will need is a pc and internet connection to enable the complimentary coupons to be printed for you directly from your own personal computer.

Frequently Neutrogena coupons can be found by you even in the National Papers and in the local newspapers. It’s worth having a look. Using coupons is a good method to save money, cut back on your own expenses and get your chosen Neutrogena products at a lower cost.

For some of the best discounts for the large retailers it is worth looking online. The quantity of coupon sites that are online is great. You may manage to locate all of the savings you might desire by instantly searching through the internet site. It’s so easy for the common consumer to save.

Right you can now use coupon codes to lessen the price of the amount of money spent in the shop. You’ll be able to save money everyday, by simply obtaining a printable coupon. As simple as it’ll never be!

These are just one of many coupons that are online that can be use for cosmetics. Neutrogena coupons might be difficult to locate, but are quite frequently on Neutrogena’s official site.

For more great money saving articles please check out some of our other posts.

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